Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring Fools - Tillerson Threatens DPRK

This week in Seoul South Korea, Exxon Executive turned U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson openly threatened North Korea. Really? Oh yes he did! He is quoted as saying that the Trump administration might be forced to take pre-emptive action “if they elevate the threat of their weapons program” to an unacceptable level.Worse, he's said "the policy of strategic of patience is over." This was not only foolish, but down right dangerous. We would expect this kind of foolish talk from Pyongyang not from Washington but there you have it. 
While the DPRK lacks the military ability to bring the United States to its knees, they certainly have the ability to start a bloody war that will get a lot of South Koreans and American Troops stationed over there killed and turn the entire far east into turmoil. This is not the actions of a career diplomat. This is Amateur Hour on the world stage and its reckless actions are beneath the dignity of both the Secretary of State and the United States. This is what happens when a non-politician with the temperament of a four year old assumes office. They appoint equally unqualified people into positions of power. Tillerson has no business representing this country and the spineless Republicans who approved this man with no diplomatic experience are equally complicit in their quest for power. With so much scandal plaguing the Trump Regime in its first 100 days, it's likely they want a war just to distract us from the truth. While we don't expect restraint from the Hermit Kingdom, we hope the PRC will get them to listen to reason and ignore our temporary lapse in judgment. Wishful thinking right? In any case, tough talk means nothing without action and with the clowns running the circus inaction will be for the best so no one has to die. But who are we kidding right?
It's sad that Americans who are aware of what's really at stake must endure this embarrassment.  Somewhere out there, Kim Jong Un must be laughing his ass off that he's no longer the world's craziest leader. Good Job America! Not!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Kawasaki Ki-61 Flying Swallow Restored

This last October news outlets revealed that Kawasaki Heavy Industries LTD. had restored a 75 year old Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien fighter in commemoration with the company's 120th anniversary of its founding. The Type-3 Fighter was nicknamed "Hien" (Flying Swallow) by Kawasaki Aircraft and made its first flight in 1941. She is currently on display in Kawasaki's Legacy Technology Hall in Kobe Japan. They say around 3000 of these planes were built during WWII and currently this is the last one in Japan making this a very rare plane. The story of this particular plane is that this aircraft was requisitioned by the U.S. Military after the war. She later sat on display at Chiran Air Base for many years until her recent restoration. Most of the original instruments had to be replaced and the engine is restored but she is not flyable. At present there are no plans to restore her to flying status. She is to join a warbird collection at Kagamihara Aerospace Science Museumin Gifu Prefecture. While we are sad to see she will not take to the air, we are happy to see that she will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Picture of the Day

Seen here is traditional Hinamatsuri doll display celebrating Girls Day in Japan.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Heisei Emperor's Vietnam Visit

This past Tuesday saw the arrival of Emperor Akihito & Empress Michiko in Vietnam. He is the first Japanese Emperor to visit there since the end of the Japanese Occupation during WWII. It has been the mission of the Emperor to visit many of the countries Japan once occupied to help heal old wounds and pray for both Japan's war dead as well as for those who fought against them in hopes of promoting lasting peace. What makes this trip so significant is one of purposes of this visit relating to WWII. It is said that at war's end in 1945 that some 700 Japanese soldiers chose to remain in Vietnam to stay with their Vietnamese wives and families. The Emperor is said to meet with a dozen or so surviving widows of those Japanese Soldiers. History records that when the French returned to Vietnam that many of these former IJA soldiers helped the Viet Minh fight the French offering their military expertise. By the time Communist forces of Ho Chi Minh defeated the French in 1954, half of those Japanese Soldiers died from fighting or illness. Another group of 71 left Vietnam without their families. By 1960, all former remaining IJA soldiers were forced to leave Vietnam. This is a curious story that we wish we could find more information for but happy to share this story here. We at American Mishima continue to wish the Emperor success in his enduring peace mission so that all souls lost from the Showa Era and the war that consumed is be at peace.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Gentleman Warrior Lt. General Hal Moore Passes Away at 94

As many of you may now have already heard, a true American Hero has left us. Lt. General Hal Moore (who commanded the 7th Cavalry during the Battle of the Ia Drange Valley of Tears November 1965) has quietly passed away just shy of his 95th birthday. He has now boarded the last chopper for a final flight out of the LZ with his beloved wife Julia and his trusted friend CSM Basil Plumley to a better place where he will be greeted by formations of his former Sky Troopers who stand at attention awaiting to salute his arrival. He represented the best of us during the worst of times.He was a true Gentleman warrior. He will forever bear a special place in the heart of this proud son of a former 1st Air Cavalry Sky Trooper and many others who descend from them. Like his best friend Joe Galloway, many of us owe Lt. General Hal Moore a debt of gratitude. For if he had not told his story many of us whose fathers served there and could not speak while they were alive we would never have known of the sacrifice and bravery of the American Soldier at the base of the Chu Pong Massif. For now that he is gone, there will never be another Gentlemen Warrior like him. Godspeed General and thank you for a lifetime of service and the example you set of which we could only dream of emulating. God Bless & Godspeed.

Garry Owen

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Donald Who Knows Everything Knows Nihongo?

As if the meeting with Shinzo Abe could not be any more embarrassingly awkward, it got worse and it was all caught on camera. As Japanese PM Shinzo Abe made his remarks in Japanese, the Donald forgot to wear his translation earpiece. Simple mistake? Okay sure. But instead of asking for it, he proceeds to pretend he understands Japanese nodding his head in agreement and laughing along as if he was JLPT 1 proficient. It was only when a Japanese reporter asked him a question in Nihongo that he was caught red-handed that he had been faking to know what Abe had been saying the whole time and reached for an earpiece. This is what New Century Times describes as the Donald being deranged. As a result, he was mocked throughout the Internet. 

Cringe-worthy Moments: When Abe Met Donald in the Oval Office

It is safe to say that yesterday's embarrassing meeting at the oval office with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will not be the last cringe-worthy moment we will see from America's new mismanagement. When we look back to the warm relationship & diplomacy of former President Obama to the in your face style of the Donald, its clear we have gone from Class to Ass. But don't take our word for it, read Shinzo Abe's body language and you'll say WOW! Behold!
This hand over fist approach was as creepy as the way he touches....
Yeah. Creepy!
Mind you this bizarre handshake lasted over 18 seconds too long.
Abe to Aide: Get the plane ready! はやく!
One Eye Roll worth a thousand words!