Friday, December 21, 2018

A Dangerous New World

As 2018 looms closer to a close, the chaos of global threats to peace and security have multiplied in the wake of the failed leadership of the Trump Regime. Since the end of the Second World War, the world has looked to America to be the proponent of freedom and democracy around the world. That shining beacon on the hill as President Ronald Reagan once called it. But as it stands, this experiment with a reality TV host as president has destabilized the world order while Moscow and Beijing take full advantage of the situation. This week alone has seen such extraordinary unprecedented moves on the part of our foreign adversaries starting with the call by senior Chinese Navy officers calling for the ramming of American Navy ships in the South China Seas. If that wasn't bold enough, they also reminded the world they intend to take Taiwan back by brute force once they are confident that America will do nothing.
Meanwhile, as our foolish leader orders the withdrawal from Syria and Afganistan, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has called the American Presence in Japan an obstacle to signing a formal peace treaty that would finally end hostilities lingering from WWII. Why not? He somehow he got Trump to abandon the Middle East and our Kurdish allies to certain death gifting Moscow and Tehran dominance. With indecision and vacillation, our impulsive leader is emboldening such moves on the part of our adversaries. This is a disturbing development which further makes a case for PM Shinzo Abe to push for the record military budget he has asked for and the long overdue revision of their post-war American imposed Constitution. As a result, Japan will now get more F-35A and F-35B Stealth fighters and prepare to upgrade the existing Izumo Class carriers to launch them. Naturally, Beijing has already sounded protest and has in so many words warned of an escalation of tensions. If that weren't enough, North Korea has thrown an all or nothing denuclearization demands on this already weakened president who declared victory by meeting with their despotic leader. The solution will come for the American people have had enough of this chaos. We must right this ship of state or be sunk by it. Until that moment of truth comes, our military leadership, as well as our newly elected members of Congress must restore order before the world is plunged further into crisis. And while it is said it is always darkest before the dawn, the new reality is as my child's favorite movie says, we will have to sail through a whole ocean of bad to get there. Until then, pray for peace. 

Friday, December 7, 2018

A Solemn Remembrance

Today marks the 77th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. An attack on American Army and Naval bases by the Air and Naval forces of the Empire of Japan that formally brought the United States into World War II. While there's much that can be said about the events that led to the attack and the overall failures and consequences that followed, we chose to share the above rarely seen photo that captures the intensity of the attack that gives you a sense of what American Sailors and Marines who were there might have witnessed. A moment that 77 years later where Japan and the United States are now close allies, now seems like a bad dream. While in Japan, it is regarded as a tactical failure, for Americans, it is still known as FDR once coined "A Day that will live in Infamy." As the last survivors prepare to leave us, know that we shall never forget their sacrifices and bravery called upon such by such times. It is for this and many more reasons we shall always refer to them as The Greatest Generation. To them, we say Godspeed, Fair Winds, and Following Seas.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Farewell, Mr. President

As it is now known, the 41st President of the United States, George H. W. Bush has passed away at the age of ninety-four. While I disagreed with his politics or what took place during his tenure at the CIA, the former CIA Director, Vice President, and 41st President, George H. W. Bush was still a patriot who served his country in the United States Navy in the Pacific Theater during WWII. He flew the TBM Avenger and was shot down by the Japanese near Chichijima and later rescued by American Submarine. He would one day be Commander in Cheif during Desert Storm and hailed as the Liberator of Kuwait. He was a devoted husband who recently lost his wife Barbara and father of five children of which his son George W. Bush served as the 43rd President. He dedicated a lifetime of public service to this country he once hoped would be a "Kinder, Gentler, Nation" and the "Thousand Points of Light" to Ronald Reagan's vision of that shining beacon on the hill. Friends to former political foes and to former Presidents, he was also a doting grandfather and that kinder gentleman we no longer see enough of these days. To him, I say Godspeed, Fairwinds, and Following Seas. Barbara, Robin, and your Shipmates await you in heaven.
 George H.W. Bush
Rest in Peace