Conceptual Art

Composite image taken from three initial images composited together and manipulated to create this circa 1895 Imperial Japanese Army in Manchuria scene for Soba no Tamashi.

First Cover Art for Soba No Tamashi aka Soba For the Soul Play. This was created on Photoshop utilizing my new hardwood flooring and available soji screen & tanto knife.
Promotional Art for my short Samurai Drama Ginjiro Hatamoto. This screenplay was originally slated as a screen play that will be reworked as a stage play and for later publication. Composite image created using Photoshop.

Additional Concept Art for Ginjiro Hatamoto from a scene depicting Shogun Yoshinobu's escape from Osaka Bay as he abandons his Samurai Loyalist Armies aboard an American Warship. Composite image created using Photoshop.

This was the first concept cover for my unfinished historical novel "The Setting Sun." Set during the turbulent Bakumatsu period of Japan, this story follows a low level American Diplomatic Translator who is sent to rescue a group of shipwrecked American Industrialists and escort them to Edo Castle for negotiations. Unbeknownst to our protagonist William Merrick he is being set up in order to fullfill an arms deal to overthrow the Shogunate in Edo. Political intrigue and Samurai Drama set this story amidst the opening rounds of the Boshin War of Japan. As far as the story's completion goes I am currently stalled on it until I can physically go to Japan to the actual locations where my climax takes place near Hakone. I hope to finish it so I can move on to it's sequel set at the Battle of Hakodate.

Conceptual Cover Art for the yet completed novel The Depths of Echoes. Based on a series of nightmares I have created a ghost story that starts in 1980 aboard Flight KAL 007 and takes an unusual twist to a much earlier tragedy that is only revealed in the story's climax that takes place aboard a mystery frieghter docked in modern day New York City.

Gate Runner is a concept project that is uncompleted and slated for work at a later time. This story is intended for the big screen as an action packed Science Fiction film that fits in that genre of bad ideas that should never be attemped. This story starts as a missing persons investigation that leads to a ressurected Defense Project that went horribly wrong. Recently discovered backup files help ressurect the project that has now been turned into a deadly game by a group of undergraduates flirting with death and quantum physics that could lead to deadly consequenses to both history and the present.

2011 American Outlaws Los Angeles Digital Concept Art by Louis Rosas.
They liked this one.

2011 American Outlaws Los Angeles Digital Concept Art by Louis Rosas.

I liked the Escape from LA concept but they chose to stick with Clint Eastwood.
This is why you provide options.