Monday, January 25, 2010

No Mishima No Future - 切腹ピストルズ

The Seppuku Pistols

The Seppuku Pistols - No Mishima No Future

Finally! An alternative Japanese band I can halfway relate to! I mean seriously, I literally pain myself to like some of the Visual Kei & Goth bands that come out of Japan. With the exception of the Yoshida Brothers, I am left with bands that look amazing but sound too techno or too deathmetal. My years of Goth Culture and early Punk Rock have me demanding much more from Japan. These guys on the other hand break from the usual J-mold of having too much talent and no set direction.  Luckily, I discovered The Seppuku Pistols on line almost by accident. I was like なに?? すごいい!!! I had grown up on Punk Rock and The Sex Pistols when I was younger so this was a natural winner for me. This has got to be the best use of Yukio Mishima footage since Paul Schraeder's film of Mishima - Life in Four Chapters. As a fan of Yukio Mishima I found this quite amusing. This is more or less a noise remix of the Pistols with Yukio Mishima mixed in. The Seppuku Pistols bring out angst in an artistic way reminiscent of what Laibach did in Europe in the early 1990's mixing industrial noize with war time imagery. In general, I do like their use of old Johnny Rotten samples mixed in with images from the Showa Era. So love it, hate it, or just be punk rock and drink sake to it - either way it's The Seppuku Pistols!

The Seppuku Pistols - Nanking Boogie


  1. Seppuku Pistols? Interesting name. I assume their influence is the Sex Pistols?

    I saw that Mishima movie. Very interesting and bizarre.

  2. That it is an interesting use of the Sex Pistols mixed with Showa era & Mishima imagery.