Friday, June 25, 2010

凡才!Japan Torpedoes Danish Viking Ship

In a stunning upset, the underrated Blue Samurai of Japan dispatched the favored Danish team in a 3-1 victory. This exciting match saw aggressive plays from the Japanese who were in it to win it. Keisuke Honda has our vote as The Man of The Match for his relentless onslaught on the Danish defense and his two goals scored from two free kicks. But no sooner than people were writing off the Danes, they were given an opportunity with a penalty kick. Goalie Eiji Kaswashima blocked the penalty kick but the ball bounced from his hands forward and into the feet of Daniel Jensen who scored Denmark's only goal of the match. It wouldn't be long before Yasuhito Endo sealed the deal in the second half sealing the Danes fate and onto history.

I was absolutely ecstatic but I don't think there was anyone happier than Coach Takeshi Okada to watch the Japanese team come out and give it their all. Throughout the tournament, Okada appeared glum in his stiff grey suits and it reflected the then pessimistic attitudes back in Japan. But for this match we saw a much different Okada who ditched his glum grey suits for team gear and appeared heavily engaged motivating his team like he should had been doing from day one. A shift in attitude and tactics made all the difference. This newfound engagement was reflected in the team’s spectacular performance and the incredible support of the Japanese fans that came out in vast numbers. From the outset, The Blue Samurai were truly exceeding expectations particularly among people in Japan who could not foresee Japan's longevity within Group E much less the Round of 16. This 2010 FIFA world Cup has been full of surprises with many of the big European teams going home in defeat while underrated teams like that of the United States and Japan have prevailed. Japan now joins South Korea to be the second Asian team to enter the Round of Sixteen outside of their native soil. If this world cup has proved anything it is to not count Japan out yet! The Blue Samurai have found their Budodamashi and will fight hard to make Japan and the rest of their fans around the world proud.
 "Our team has a strength that others don't have. We are truly united. We wanted to demonstrate that football is a team sport. This was our first objective (to reach the second round) so I am relieved. The players kept going until the end without losing their focus. I am proud to be with such a great bunch of players," - Takeshi Okada, Japan coach

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