Monday, February 7, 2011

仏教 Hoshi Matsuri 2011

This last weekend brought in the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Rabbit which for many will be a year of multiple opportunities. We spent ours at the Hoshi Matsuri at the Koyasan Betsuin in Little Tokyo which drew large numbers of people to partake in this most important of festivals. Understanding that Emperor Meji had moved Japan to the Gregorian calendar, this Buddhist ceremony still coincides with the earlier New Years traditions of Japan. It is an opportunity to seek universal wealth and harmony. Also known as Setsubun, The Hoshi Matsuri is also set to ward off misfortune hence the throwing of soy beans at the “Oni” with shouts of おに わ そと!(Oni wa soto - Get Out demons!) This was our second Hoshi Matsuri and as fun as the last spent eating as many soy beans equal to the years of your age and participating in this most traditional of services (as one can see from the video clip below).
So please continue to read American Mishima in good health and enjoy!

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