Wednesday, July 13, 2011

なでしこジャパン Japan Defeats Sweden and Makes it to the 2011 FIFA WWC FINAL!

Nadeshiko Japan defeated Sweden 3-1 in the Semi-Final in this years 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup! Japan has never come so far nor played with so much heart to clench their berth in their first appearance in a World Cup Final match. In this tournament we have seen  Nadeshiko Japan send las Gatas of Mexico home, shut down the German Jaggernaut, and sink the Swedish Viking Ship. This is a team who many have lost their homes and family members in the March combined disasters and they are playing for their home. Since March they have had no pitch at home to practice on. They could only run. They won because they played with heart. (Paying attention Bob Bradley?) They are good friends of our USWNT and will be a worthy oponent. The USA is the odds on favorite as the have played and have beaten them before. This will be an exciting match to see Sawa take on Abby Wambach. I love Japan and Nadeshiko Japan but the USA is my home and so I will wish Nadeshiko a well earned  がんばれ日本 and wish our USWNT all the success to bring home that third star that comes with a descisive win of the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup! So I say to both teams Ganbatte Kudasai!


  1. It would be cool if it ends up US versus Japan.

  2. And now it shall be two ever so deserving teams. I wish them both well.