Friday, October 7, 2011

更新 American Mishima E-Store Update!

As you may have read earlier, our American Mishima E-Store has been ressurected thanks to Governor Jerry Brown who repealled a recent law that would forbid California residents from having e-stores through Amazon over tax issues. Now that we got the ok to start up again we have been busy revamping our e-store and stocking it with many new items of Japanese & Samurai interests. We have added many things including Japanese food, Iaito Swords, Home furnishings, Kendo items, and all sorts of Japanese & Samurai collectables. Particularly of interest we have acquired a line of historical Samurai figurine displays that feature many of the famous Samurai heavyweights of the Sengoku Warring States Era such as Takeda Shingen, Nobunaga Oda, Masamune Date, Kenshin Uesigi, and of course Ieyasu Tokugawa just to name a few. For the $24 price, we think it's pretty cool and would look good in any display or collection. So please check out our new wares and help keep The American Mishima E-Store going by spreading the word! ありがとございます!

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