Monday, November 14, 2011

太平洋の奇跡-フォックスと呼ばれた男- Oba The Last Samurai

Oba The Last Samurai came out in Japanese theaters in February of this year. It is the true story of Captain Oba and his men who fight on in the island of Saipan after the Emperor had surrendered. It has a large Japanese cast starring Yutaka Takenouchi as Captain Oba, Toshiaki Karasawa as Kesamatsu Horiuchi, Mao Inoue as Chieko Aono. It also has two notable American actors Daniel Baldwin and veteran actor Treat Williams. I have not found a good english subtitled version yet but from what I can see from the available trailers this looks heavy. It has been said this film told from the Japanese side captures the War's end in graphic detail and the deep emotional punch you can expect from Japanese films depecting the War in the Pacific. If anyone comes across a source for a good subtitled copy please let us know. Arigatou!

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