Thursday, July 26, 2012

日本 がんばれ! Japan's Olympic Teams Impressive Start

In the span of 24 hours, the Japanese Men's & Women's Teams have opened up the 2012 London Olympics with twin victories. Starting July 25th at City of Coventry Stadium, Nadeshiko Japan took on the Canadian Women's team scoring twice first by Nahomi Kawasumi in the 33rd minute and later by Aya Miyama in the 44th minute. The final score was Japan 2-1 Canada putting the defending Women's World Cup Champions up on the leader board early for medal contention

And now for the men. Today in Glasgow Scotland, Japan's Samurai Blue once again showed the world the prowess and play of the up and coming skills of the Japanese J-League defeating odds on favorite Spain in an exhilarating fast paced game that no one could predict it's end. Spain suffering a red card and playing with ten men could not let their guard down. The battle for possession kept everyone on their toes. And then it came. Striker Yuki Otsu scored in the first half and maintained the attack until the bitter end. Japan opened up numerous chances but ended with a 1-0 win over the 10-man Spanish squad. If you were betting on Spanish gold, today's defeat at the hand of the Samurai Blue puts this confidence shaker in a psychological place no Spaniard wants to be hurting their chances for the gold medal and the Olympics have only just started. To both Nadeshiko Japan and their male counterparts Samurai Blue, we at American Mishima say  がんばれ!

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