Thursday, August 9, 2012

なでしこ日本: USA Defeats Nadeshiko Japan 2-1

In a hard fought 90 minute battle for the Women's Soccer Olympic Gold Medal Final, Japan lost to the USA 2-1. This is the third gold medal for the US and in what many would call the redemption rematch of last years Women's World Cup where Japan defeated the US. Anyway around this, things were going to be rough for both teams who were evenly matched and among friends. But there could only be one team who could win the gold. The momentum started for the US at the 7th minute by a goal from Carli Loyd and would remain a 1-0 match through to the half. But before anyone could get comfortable Azusa Iwabuchi tested Hope Solo's resolve and score Japan's only goal that equalized the game and stepped up the pressure for the US.
 But it would be Carli Loyd again at the 53rd minute who broke the deadlock and sealed the deal for the United States that would be held onto and heavily contested on the pitch by Nadeshiko Japan.
 We at American Mishima would like to congratulate our US Women's National Team for winning the Gold Medal at this years 2012 London Olympics. It was a well deserved win that will put this team in the annuls of Women's Soccer History. For all the talk about the 1999 crew it's this team that has become it's own. 
Congratulations USWNT!
As for our International away Team Nadeshiko Japan, we at American Mishima would also like to congratulate Nadeshiko Japan for a well fought run to the Gold Medal match and overall success in this Olympiad resulting in Japan achieving the Silver Medal in Women's Soccer. There is no shame or dismissing Japan's achievements in these Olympics for once again Japan has showed the world that is has become a force in World Sport that has put the world on notice and is here to stay. 
 Well done Nadeshiko Japan! 日本おめでとう!

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