Wednesday, December 5, 2012

サムライ映画, The Floating Castle to Screen in Hollywood.

The 2011 film Nobo no Shiro-aka The Floating Castle will be part of this years LA EigaFest at Hollywood's Egyptian Theater on Sunday December 16th. Originally slated for release for September 17th, 2011, this film had to be postponed in part due to the Tohoku Disaster one scene had to be considered for sensibilities. Nani? You see this film is set in 1590 during the Sengoku Jidai - The Warring States Period where Toyotomi Hideyoshi has all but unified Japan but one remote castle had yet to submit his authority. It is at Oshi Castle that the last holdouts comprised of one self depreciating lord and 500 Samurai whose respect he has yet to earn must muster the courage to defy Hideyoshi's right hand man and uber henchman Ishida Mitsunari and his 20,000 Samurai poised to assault Oishi Castle. This is perfect timing for us being that we are at Episode 36 of Princess Go where we see the demise of Hideyoshi and Ishida Mitsunari so as you can imagine we'll have fun rooting against them. We originally saw Nakadai Tatsuya's Kiru there during a similar Samurai film fest years ago and enjoyed seeing Samurai in a real theater. Billed as part Samurai Drama and part Slapstick Comedy complete with English Subtitles, this should be worth this rare opportunity to see a newly release Samurai film on the big screen. Please enjoy!
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  1. Awesome. Will the film have English subtitles?

  2. Yes there will be English Subtitles! Please enjoy!