Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is Baby Kim Serious or Just Looking for Trouble?

The Korean Peninsula's favorite moon-faced assassin of joy baby Kim Jong Un is at it again talking smack and threatening the United States with Nuclear War. Yes, that's right. The half starved malnourished militarized hermit kingdom whose portly leader won't properly feed his own people has once again misprioritized what few scarce resources the tiny isolated nation has to create weapons of mass destruction and delivery systems to wag at the United States it's so-called “Sworn Enemy of the North Korean People.” It was reported last night on CNN that North Korea threatens to deliberately provoke a confrontation with the United States by conducting a nuclear test firing a long range rocket capable of reaching the continental United States at the US mainland. I would love to say I'm shaking in my boots but the fact of the matter nuclear war is nothing to joke about. Just ask any surviving Pacific Islander or Japanese fisherman who happened to be down wind of an open air nuclear test during the 1950's. It's deplorable if not downright repugnant for this novice dictator to be making such threats to an already tense region. One has to ask if he is crazy or just trying to be a tough guy in front of a captive gun pointed audience? Normally this would be laughable right out of an Austin Powers sketch minus a Mini-me if it weren't for the fact this pudgy North Korean dictator didn't actually have nuclear weapons. Seriously! How does this help his people? It doesn't. And why stir up trouble? There are much easier ways to get attention but belligerence should not be one of them. In our opinion, this is most likely just talk to make the “Dear Leader” look like he's leading his country into some glorious 1950's styled Communist Propaganda Fantasy Film. We'll say good luck with that Baby Kim. American Mishima laughs at you.

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