Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Abenomics or Better Polices for Working Families?

In Japan, they are calling it Abenomics. On our side of the Pacific we would just call this smart. The focus of the embedded video is on Prime Minister Abe's call for more women in the work force bypassing Japan's age old cultural norms of women being forced out after childbirth. What we see from this is a change for the better where companies have become more friendly towards women or parents in general who have children providing them better work options in which both childcare and productivity can still be achieved something we have little of here. As a parent, we would like to see more companies in the US learn from this Japanese model and take a more pragmatic approach to the issue of childcare and working families. While Japan has not solved all of it's economic problems with better childcare for it's workforce, it's new found approach by the Abe Government to encourage more parent friendly work situations is most encouraging and if successful will help Japan and perhaps one day inspire to change the draconian policies that exist here in the US where it's the company or nothing. Perhaps given the hostile bipartisan divide in Washington that is asking too much of our dollar oriented society where we have right wing politicians who fight for the rights of companies over the rights of it's workers on the ridiculous and highly abused notion by TeaPublicans  of preserving "freedoms." But one can only hope that they could someday learn.

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