Thursday, August 8, 2013

いずも型護衛艦 Introducing Japan's Newest JMSDF Flagship DDH-183 IZUMO

On the 68th Anniversary of the tragic atomic bombing of Hiroshima, the Japanese Ministry of Defense unveiled it's newest helicopter destroyer DDH-183 -The Izumo to much fanfare before invited guests and political dignitaries including Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso. Larger than the Hyūga-class helicopter destroyer, the Izumo is the first of two planned Izumo Class Helicopter Destroyers. The Izumo is the largest naval vessel constructed by Japan since WWII making her the third such vessel to join the JMSDF Fleet.

With a 27,000 tons displacement when fully loaded, she can carry up to 400 troops and 14 Helicopters. She will have a top speed of 30 knots and will be capable of deploying V-22 Osprey but for the time being she will be slated to carry 7 ASW & 2 SAR Helicopters for her initial installment. While bigger than a British Aircraft Carrier, she is not intended for fixed wing aircraft despite the international rumors of her potentially carrying F-35 aircraft in the future.
Constructed at the IHI Mrine United Shipyard in Yokohama at the cost of 113.9 billion yen (1.5 Billion USD) she is the first of two new planned "helicopter destroyers" which critics have called a "thinly veiled aircraft carrier," Of course with every party there is a pooper and the Beijing is no exception citing their concerns over Japan's new military expansion on the grounds of Japanese Imperialism during WWII. Seriously, can we get past this already?
It's a different world today. Japan is a different country than in was during the 1930's-40's. There are no Imperial Chrysanthemum crests on the bow of the ship and today's ships are launched to the of the US Navy's "Anchors Away." But enough about politics! As a proponent of scraping Article 9 from Japan's constitution, it is in the better interests for Japan's future to take a more prominent role in regional security. With out own budget and security issues, the US Navy needs an upgraded Japanese Navy to help with both Japan's defense in Anti-Surface & Anti-Submarine Warfare as well as the Japanese nation's ability to respond to disasters.
We at American Mishima wish her yet named Captain and future Otoko tachi no Izumo 
much success!

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