Tuesday, September 17, 2013

First American Mishima Publication Published!

American Mishima is pleased to announce the arrival of our first Illustrated book Ichiro Dreams In Color which has now been published.It is our first illustrated book which we plan to have a Japanese version  いちろうのゆめ to be available later this fall of 2013. Ichiro is a short story originally written as a poem about a young Japanese boy who spends his afternoons dreaming of flight. But when his colorful imagination flies into the conflict of his grandparents generation, Ichiro must find a way to look up and dream again. This book is loosely based on the personal childhood experiences of the author Louis Rosas who grew up watching waves of Japanese Warplanes fly overhead his childhood home in Oxnard California while they filmed WWII dramas such as Baa Baa Blacksheep and The Winds of War during the late 1970's in the Post Viet-Nam Era. Ichiro is also inspired in part  by the experiences of Hiroshima survivor Suyeshi Kazu who witnessed the B-29 Enola Gay flying above her city before the bomb dropped into history. That being said in combining the two experiences into this one fictional short story, it made sense to take the authors story and set in Post War Japan of the 1970's instead of Oxnard California. If you do purchase and enjoy our book, please write a review for us on Amazon. We hope that you the reader of American Mishima will support this book and continue to follow this blog. Please enjoy! ありがとうございます!

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