Thursday, October 24, 2013

一日の画像 - Picture of the Day - IJN Battleship Fuso

Seen here is a rare colorized photo of the IJN Battleship 扶桑 Fuso. As one can see she was one of the early WWI Dreadnaught Class Warships outfitted with 14" guns. She was launched in 1914 and refitted during the 1930's where her unmistakable high Pagoda Mast was installed which became the hallmark of Japanese Battleships. Now how these high pagodas changed the boat's high center of gravity in rough seas is anyone's guess. For a detailed look at what went into a pagoda mast please see the illustration below.
While being older and outclassed b other IJN ships by the opening of the war, she maintained an auxiliary role. She would later meet her end in the Battle of Leyte Gulf October 25th 1944.

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