Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Captain Kirk's New Cloaking Device

If you're a fan of Star Trek, you'll recall that original series episode where Captain James T. Kirk steals a cloaking device from the Romulans to hide his ship from danger. We'll today in the 21st. Century if Captain Kirk needed a cloaking device the US Navy can now simply issue him one. Seriously? All joking aside, yes! And that's exactly what happened this month. Yes that's right!

The US Navy gave Captain Kirk a cloaking device. That is Captain James A. Kirk of the United States Navy. He has been given command of the first DDG-1000 Class Destroyer with stealth capability, the USS Zumwalt.
Named after Admiral Elmo R. “Bud” Zumwalt who was chief of Naval Operations in the early 1970's, this new warship (the first of three being built) is longer and faster than the current Arleigh-Burke class destroyers. The Zumwalt is equipped with the latest and deadliest array of weapons that can strike targets more than 60 miles away.
Wrapped in a high tech light weight carbon fiber composite, this new ship is 50 times harder to spot on radar. While not quite the 23rd Century cloaking device of James T. Kirk, this new vessel under the command of Captain James A. Kirk represents the new direction of the US Navy's quest for an efficient warship capable of meeting the ever changing needs of the 21st Century.
We at American Mishima would like to wish Captain Kirk and the yet unnamed crew of the USS Zumwalt much success in thier upcoming sea trials and missions to come!
Anchors Away Captain!

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