Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Looking Back In History

Here as originally seen on WWII's Japanese Aviation's Page, A group of Nakajima B5N2 type 97 carrier attack bombers belonging to the carrier Zuiho. Foreground plane has tail code A1-3-305 and none of these aircraft have the fuselage bands. Truk February/March 1943. Now check out the same photo below in digitized color!
Notice the detail of the Yamato below! Incredible is it not?
The digital color gives you a sense of what it would have looked like had we been there. 
But it doesn't stop here!
Here is a digitally colorized photo of the IJN Battleship Mutsu.
The IJN Nagato. 
So tough, it took two atom bombs and still they couldn't sink her!
Nowonder why Isoroku Yamamoto preferred this ship.
The IJN Fuso.
Undoubtedly the all around winner of the most over the top pagoda award.
And the Fuso's sistership the IJN Yamashiro.

We'll post more color photos as we find them!

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