Monday, November 3, 2014

ばか! Are They Serious? North Korea's Latest Maritime Threat

North Korea has once again stunned the world in their use of retro technology. Recently put out to sea, this Soviet Era Golf Class Diesel that was originally built in 1958 then later taken apart then reverse engineered and further re-dubbed by the North Korean Navy as Romeo Class is out on the prowl. While this reverse engineered throwback to the Dr. Strangelove Era has yet to be outfitted with ballistic missiles, it still retains its original torpedo launch capability which according to the South Korean Government is believed to have fired a torpedo at a South Korean vessel in the Yellow Sea March of 2010 which resulted in the South Korean vessel sinking. While being a maritime menace to South Korean vessels we don't believe Japan's JMSDF or the U.S. Navy will be shaking in their boots any time soon. Nice Try Baby Kim! Go home, you're drunk! ばか!

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