Thursday, May 21, 2015

China's Dangerous Game

Earlier this week, the Chinese Navy of the People's Republic of China delivered stern warnings to U.S. Navy P8 Poseidon Surveillance planes flying over the South China Sea with calls to 'Go now!" The hostile tone of the Chinese Navy has many scratching their heads as to what are they really up to in the South China Sea. What's obvious is this build up of military forces on the part of the Chinese is escalating tensions and creating a hostile new cold war in the South China Sea that could easily get out of hand. This new dangerous game occurred as American planes flew over disputed waters which the PRC claims as their own based on historical claims. Really? Let's talk about that.

In recent months has been engaging in island building throughout the South China Sea in what has been international waters. They have brought a fleet of dredges to turn submerged atolls into sizable islands which they claim is for civilian use yet is heavily protected with early warning radar, military sized landing strips, and a small flotilla of warships enough to have made the Imperial Japanese Navy of WWII jealous that they hadn't thought of this first. What's really crazy is that the PRC which up until now could be counted on to contain it's influence to the Asian continent is now expanding deep into international waters hundreds of miles from mainland China. This of course is not sitting well with the governments of Japan, the, Philippines, or Vietnam. The deliberate construction of operational military bases in international waters has also posed a navigational hazard for both commercial sea and air traffic as the Chinese Navy now regards these waters to be the military zones of the PRC which poses not only a problem for the JMSDF, but the U.S. Navy who is entrusted to keep the international shipping lanes and air corridors open. Reminiscent of China's clash with our P-3 Orion in the early 2000's, China seems eager to flex it's muscle. Hence another reason why the Japanese Diet needs to scrap Article 9 so the JMSDF can further bolster it's forces as a key ally of the United States. With the U.S. Navy stretched so thin, we need s stronger JMSDF. We hope that PM Shinzo Abe will continue to rearm Japan to meet this growing threat to peace. Until then, we will write about this as time goes on because we are certain this will not be the last hostile incident between the U.S. Navy and the PRC.

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