Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Obon 2015

July marks the return of Obon in Little Tokyo. All the Buddhist Temples throughout the cultural district  perform the Obon Ceremonies this time of year in which some Temples include Obon Carnivals and Bon Odori dance. This year at the Koyasan Betsuin the ceremony was officiated by the Imamura Sensei, Kako Sensei, Hiyashi Sensei, visiting Kikura Kenshusei, and retired Emeritus Miyata Sensei. 

There were 23 Hotsubon Families were represented including the families of two long Temple members including Jack Wada. Having gone through this last year with the death of my uncle, father, two aunts, and two miscarried children, my perspective on Obon has only deepened. This year my entire direct family was included in my prayers and offerings of food and drink. For a moment I could feel them all around me.I would like to think they understood what this was about and appreciated my efforts. It was sad that despite 23 Hotsubon families represented, 13 of those families were notably absent. I am sure they had their reasons but it was a high number. We wish them all peace.
 Seen here is the rice and water offerings.

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