Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Getting Real on Yonaguni Island

Japan's Defense Ministry has announced the opening of a new radar facility on Yonaguni Island. Never heard of it before? If you love underwater archeology (Or Ancient Astronaut Theory), chances are you have heard of the famous Yonaguni Monument. But getting back to our post, this move on the part of Japan's SDF is a significant one. The Defense Ministry has further announced that it has now stationed 160 troops to maintain this new radar facility on Yonaguni Island (part of Okinawa Prefecture) 60 miles from Taiwan giving Japan a back window into what the PRC is up to in the South China Seas. Naturally, there have been some fierce protests from Beijing that include calls for boycotts of Japanese products. All talk is fine but with the artificial island building (for the purpose of Militarizing the South China Sea) on the part of the PRC in international waters and claims of Chinese Sovereignty far beyond the shores of the Chinese mainland has forced Japan to step up it's game. By establishing this base, Japan will have an early warning should trouble break out with the Chinese Navy. We of course it doesn't come to that. As our Chinese friends would say "it's bad for business." Trust me, war is very bad business and nobody wants that. Let's continue to pray that cooler heads will prevail. 

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