Sunday, April 3, 2016

JMSDF Makes Port Of Call at Subic Bay

As tensions continues to grow over territorial disputes in the South China Seas, three JMSDF vessels including the diesel-electric attack Oyashio Class Submarine Oyashio (SS-590), and destroyers JDS Arike (DD-109) & JDS Setogiri (DD-156) make their first Port of Call to the Philippines in over 15 years. This visit to the former U.S. Naval Base at Subic Bay is just 200 KM from a Chinese held shoal they claim is their sovereign territory which they have been militarizing with artificial islands whose boundaries overlap territorial waters of several nations. It should be noted that one third of the world's oil is transported through the sea lanes in the South China Seas and for the PRC to claim nearly the entire sea as their own has created some serious problems for the region. Ten years ago, the Chinese Navy was just another regional power. Now out of nowhere, they are claiming nearly an entire sea as their own sovereign territory (which they are threatening to fight over) right in the middle of international sea lanes which presents a big problem for global commerce. As it stands, the Philippines do not have the military resources to argue with the Chinese Navy on the high seas. Japan has agreed to help upgrade the Philippines with upgraded military hardware but ultimately it will be up to the JMSDF and the United States Navy to keep the peace. Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, & Brunei also have found themselves in Beijing's cross hairs in this South China Seas dispute with China drawing ire from all around. We all know this is bad for business and the Chinese economy thrives on business as does it's neighbors. As we have stated before, we hope that cooler heads and peace prevails. But of course, we know this is not the end this ongoing saga so we shall say for now: To be Continued.....

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