Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hasegawa Shoutai 長谷川小隊 War Reenactors

Seen here are the members of a local War Reenactor group known as the Hasegawa Shoutai. Founded in 2014, they are a Southern California based research and reenactment group that portrays the Imperial Japanese Army in air soft and blank fire survival games. We were fortunate to run into these guys at the recent Planes of Fame Air Show in Chino California and they were very pleasant to talk to. 
Seen here is Waye Hong smiling for our camera. It's interesting to note that this group led by Alex Chang who goes by Hasegawa Hajime includes members who are not Japanese. In fact they even boast one Caucasian member seen on the right in this photo of us taking their photos:
We have to really give these guys credit for their attention to detail and their love of paying tribute to the men who served the Empire of Japan. While staying clear of politics of the war, this group does serve its purpose of giving people here in America an opportunity to see, listen to, and observe what the former Imperial Japanese Army of Japan's soldiers gear and how they looked up close.To have found such a group outside of Japan is really a rare thing and for war historians a living reference to how such men operated in the field. 

We at American Mishima hope the Hasegawa Shoutai will continue their living history research and further wish them great success. Hopefully one day we can use them in one of our movies.

かんばって ください!
To learn more of the Hasegawa Shoutai Please visit their facebook page:

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