Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Taking Command: JMSDF's Captain Miho Otani

With so much sabre rattling going on in the South China Seas, we're happy to continue the follow the remarkable career of Japan's newest Captain of the Asagiri Class Destroyer JS Yamagiri (DD-152) Captain Miho Otani. As previously blogged here and elsewhere, Captain Otani is the first female Captain of a destroyer in the JMSDF. She commands a crew of 220 people including ten women sailors. She's come a long away since her days as a university student watching the Gulf War on TV wondering how she could make a difference. She is the mother of a twelve year old daughter and wife to another JMSDF destroyer Captain. 
Captain Otani is described as being both friendly and fair to her crew particularly to the concerns for her crew's families. Make no mistake, she sails into some troubled waters in the South China Seas and we believe she is more than up to the task. Hence, we at American Mishima wish Captain Otani continued success and to continue to make a difference out there. がんばって ください!

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