Tuesday, September 27, 2016

JMSDF Chief Calls for Resumption of Chinese Port Visits

Seen here is the Chinese Navy Missile Destroyer ZhenJiang on her last voyage to Japan. As everyone knows, relations have been less than friendly these past few years between Japan and the PRC largely over the disputed Senkaku Islands and the South China Seas tensions. Well most recently, JMSDF Admiral Tomohisa Takei called for the resumption of Chinese Naval Port of Calls to Japanese ports. At a time of much sabre rattling between the two Asian Powers, Admiral Takei's proposal has some merit. He believes that such exchanges of Naval Personnel by visits of warships are a healthy way to improve relations between their two competing armed forces. To date, no PRC Naval vessel has visited Japan since 2011.
In recent years Admiral Takei has criticized Beijing's artificial island building calling it “a deliberate attempt to unilaterally change the status quo and undermine existing norms.” In regards to the Senkaku Islands incursions by the PRC Navy, he has accused Beijing of attempting to invade Japanese Territory.  And so after talk, the call for the resumption of Port of Call visits to Japanese ports is rather unexpected. We at American Mishima believe Admiral Takei is correct in his assertion that such personal exchanges could reduce tensions. We would like nothing more than to see peace prevail between the two nations. While no word has been made by the Ministry of Defense or from the PRC, Admiral Takei maintains;"Our door is open." Let's hope he is right.

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