Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Toshiro Mifune Hollywood Walk of Fame Induction Ceremony

In a largely long overdue accolade owed to the late great Japanese film giant legend Toshiro Mifune, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce presented a star on Hollywood Boulevard this Monday November 14th 2016. We were fortunate to have been there to cover the event which was attended by Mifune's eldest son Shiro Mifune, his wife, and Mifune's grandson Rikiya Mifune of which we were happy to meet. This coincides with the 2016 AFI Film Fest screening of Academy Award Winning Director Steve Okazaki's documentary MIFUNE: The Last Samurai the night before at the Chinese Theater. 
This ceremony was well attended and included other Hollywood actors such as Martin Landau and Actress Tamlyn Tomita. But for us we had the opportunity to speak with and present a copy of our last Samurai epic The Setting Sun to Steve Okazaki, Mifune Productions head Rikiya Mifune, and Shiro Mifune who we found to be a true Gentlemen who took time out to speak with us and graciously accepted our book in appreciation of his father's work that heavily inspired our characters. Here are some photos we took. Please enjoy!
Steve Okazaki & Shiro Mifune.
Actress Tamlyn Tomita.
Grandson Rikiya Mifune.
 Shiro Mifune receiving our book.
This was an honor! 
Steve Okazaki & Shiro Mifune.
Then we gave a copy of The Setting Sun to Steve Okazaki.
Great guys both!
Academy Award Winning Director and Future Academy Award Winning Writer!

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