Thursday, December 29, 2016

Mockery Served Mandarin Style

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, 2017 will be known as The Year of the Rooster. In response to what some are calling The Year of the Donald, Beijing hilariously erected a 40 foot Rooster with Little Twitter Fingers and a do reminiscent of our new Twitter-happy Amateur in Chief. As we said before, there is no Sun Tzu for Dummies and the Chinese have this man clocked. Normally, we don't approve of foreign nations mocking our leadership but in this case we as a nation have definitely earned it.
All fun and games aside, we would rather see the PRC use humor as a weapon than armed conflict to get Little Twitter Fingers attention. We imagine this man will make it too easy for the Chinese to get under his skin. We suspect they will have many good laughs at our expense. All we can say is WELL PLAYED BEIJING. WELL PLAYED.

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