Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Donald Who Knows Everything Knows Nihongo?

As if the meeting with Shinzo Abe could not be any more embarrassingly awkward, it got worse and it was all caught on camera. As Japanese PM Shinzo Abe made his remarks in Japanese, the Donald forgot to wear his translation earpiece. Simple mistake? Okay sure. But instead of asking for it, he proceeds to pretend he understands Japanese nodding his head in agreement and laughing along as if he was JLPT 1 proficient. It was only when a Japanese reporter asked him a question in Nihongo that he was caught red-handed that he had been faking to know what Abe had been saying the whole time and reached for an earpiece. This is what New Century Times describes as the Donald being deranged. As a result, he was mocked throughout the Internet. 

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