Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Putting Out to Sea

Seen here are Japan's two JMSDF Izumo Class Helicopter Carriers Izumo & Kaga at port. Earlier this month, the Izumo put out to sea to participate in extended exercises in the Indian Ocean and the contentious South China Seas. As expected, Beijing objected as they do any time one of these 249 meter long warships leave port. Given the recent construction of aircraft hangers and radar installations on the artificial islands under their control, such moves on the part of Japan's maritime force should be expected. These modern carriers are as large as the aircraft carriers Japan used in WWII. But make no mistake, there are no catapults or angled deck for fixed winged aircraft. Thus their role is largely confined to helicopter Anti-Submarine and relief missions. Their current three month mission is in participation with American Naval forces.

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