Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Japananese Whalers Resume Hunt

It was announced in Tokyo last Wednesday that the Japanese Whaling Fleet will put to sea and resume their hunt only this time in Japanese waters. They say their quota for 2017 is to "Capture" 43 Minke Whales and 134 Sei Whales to examine their stomach contents. Note the key phrase capture in place of kill. Their primary factory ship the Nishhin Maru is noted for its catch & release program BECAUSE IT DOES NOT EXIST! What possible research can be gained from examining stomach contents of so many whales? In the last ten years alone, the Japanese Whaling fleet has killed close to 700+ whales per year on the grounds of examining stomach contents. Who are they kidding? After each hunt whale meat suddenly appears on Japanese market shelves. This is consumed by less than 3% of the population largely older people who indulge in this holdover from the lean times of the American Occupation.
There's simply no excuse for it at the same time little can be done about it. While this blog is largely Pro-Japan, this is one issue we cannot support. This is not to say we object to some remote Japanese fishing village looking to feed its people with a single whale. In those situations we know its what they have to do to survive. But on a large scale commercial level, Japan has no excuse. Japan is no longer starving like they were at the end of WWII thus there is no need for this. Those who understand the issue know we are not ranting in the defense of some stupid fish. These are intelligent species and if after spending years examining stomach contents of thousands still requires scientific research with no real scientific value, then they ought to stop lying about their intentions and abide the international whaling committee's ruling suspending commercial whaling once and for all. You don't have to agree with us but that's just our opinion and we're sticking to it.

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