Friday, June 1, 2018

Dancing with Dictators Part II?

Just when you thought the world would be safe for another day, Donald Trump and his inflated ego and his desire for that Nobel Peace Prize strikes again. Rather than walk away mad, the catfished reality T.V. game show host turned president announced another go at producing the Dancing with Dictators show in Singapore. The problem is, this is not a reality T.V. show. This is a serious diplomatic summit of which Donald Trump is too ill-equipped to conduct. He has neither the tact nor the skills to not screw this up. For this reason, we do not support peace talks with North Korea. It is better to maintain the current balance of terror until we have a stable American leader with proven diplomatic skills to conduct these negotiations rather than risk catastrophe. Donald is more interested in the Peace Prize than the actual peace and Kim Jong Un knows that. He is not interested unless there is personal profit in it for him. He would easily sell out South Korea with disastrous results just to build another Trump Golf Resort north of the DMZ if he knew he could get away with it. Knowing his corrupt nature, he does not have neither America's or South Korea's interests at heart. At this rate, Dennis Rodman has more credibility and that's not saying much. Donald's brand of government by chaos will not serve us well. Pray this thing gets called off before someone gets hurt. 

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