Friday, October 26, 2018

Missile Reassurance: New Joint Japan-US Missile Test Success

Earlier this week, Vladimir Putin was celebrating the demise of the United States as a Superpower at the hands of Donald Trump. While it is true that America's clout has been damaged by our soon to be impeached Reality TV show president, our military might and alliance with Japan has not diminished by any means. It should be noted that while the party in Moscow was winding down for the night, the U.S. Navy fired a SM-3 Block IIA missile from the USS John Finn and successfully intercepted and destroyed a medium range missile. Such interceptor capabilities will be crucial in the event of a hostile North Korean launch. This missile has been jointly developed by the United States and Japan and is part of the AEGIS Missile Defense System produced by Raytheon. The SM-3 Block IIA missile will soon become a fixture in the Pacific, so put those Russian champagne glasses away, America is still in business!

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