Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oda Nobunaga Invades South Park?

So there I was searching for some cool Takeda gear when I came accross this mug over on Cafe Press. Lil' Nobunaga? Nani???? I almost about spit up my drink at this silly South Park characterization of the legendary warlord. Who knows if the real Oda had a sense of humor but if you do you can score this and other items at:


  1. That mug is from which I visit regularly. Great historical information and forums there.

  2. I love That is a great resource.

  3. Hi LAsamurai. I'm an only passer-by.
    So glad to see many article about samurai and Japan. One thing...I'm afraid his name is NOBUNAGA, not NUBUNAGA. Is it common to call him Nubunaga??

    By the way, it reminds me of an famous sweets.Of course, the shop is in Aduchi city, Shiga Prefecture.
    The name is... Victory of Tuba(of Katana)
    Its shape comes from Tuba of Katana, which Nobunaga loved.

    FYI, delivery only countryside. So passer- by went out somewhere...

  4. I've come across it spelled both ways but we'll fix that. Arigatou'