Friday, October 2, 2009


Welcome to my new blog!

This will be my new blog that will cover my interests, rants, and general news for all my current endeavors. As some of you may have guessed, Japanese culture and history play a large part of my everyday life. When possible I will share things here from time to time. I hope you will find this blog to be informative as well as entertaining in the time to come.


  1. Cool.

    I have a question. Do you know of any DVD rental shops that rent Japanese movies, specifically samurai movies, that have English subtitles. I went to the shop on 1st Street but they don't. There is another shop in the mall behind the Miyako Hotel that has a few but not a lot.

  2. You may want to try the video store next to the Nijiya on Sawtell in West LA. They might have something there. If not there's always Samurai DVD.