Tuesday, April 24, 2012

American Mishima Presents - Tamashi no Soba

みんな-さん, Here is our directoral debut for our first promotional video for the first play by American Mishima - Tamashi no Soba aka Soba for the Soul. Tamashi no Soba is a fictional story whose premise is based on a real life incident that occured in Japanese Newspapers in 1965 where an alledged rumor surfaced from an elderly veteran of the First Japan-Sino War of 1895 who claimed he and two of his men were saved in battle by an old Japanese man in Manchuria claiming to be the famous lost Samurai Harada Sanosuke of the Shinsengumi. Our story starts in 1935 and will go back to the Bakumatsu Period of Japan through to the the Japan Russo War of 1905 and back to 1935 Seattle. Fundraising will begin by June 1st 2012 with a slated production start of September 1st and a late September performance.

With our co-producer Kaneda Yoshitomo, we plan to debut this play as part of a charital event to benefit orphans of Fukushima. This event is currently being negotiated with plans to hold it in Little Tokyo. If you would like to help produce or help in some way please contact us here. Work on the novel version is already in progress and hopefully be available in print in time for our theatrical debut. Stay Tuned!

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