Friday, April 13, 2012

ばか! North Korea Launch But No Cookie

Seen here as earlier posted on Japan Today, Japan's Self-Defense Force personnel manned PAC-3 Patriot missile units at the Defense Ministry in Tokyo and throughout Japan in preparation for North Korea’s rocket launch which took place on April 12th, 2012. Despite world wide condemnation and warnings to the such, the belligerent totalitarian North Korean nation run by an untested 27 year old dictator defied the world and launched their ICBM missile. The projected path would have likely violated Japan's airspace thus prompting Japan's SDF to follow through with it's mandate to shoot it down. Japan's SDF was on high alert and ready for them but fortunately for them it didn't come to that. So here at American Mishima we'd like to offer the SDF a well deserved ばんざい for their vigilance. Please continue to protect Japan. And to baby faced Kim Jong Un we'd like to say "Nice Try but No Cookie!" ばか!

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