Monday, October 8, 2012

アメリカの政治 - George Takei's Emotional Appeal to Asian-Americans

We've always been a fan of George Takei and have appreciated his continued activism. In case you do not know, Star Trek Alumni George Takei is a well known for being a public advocate for Gay Rights. What surprisingly many people living in the United States and elsewhere still do not know is that as an American Born Nisei (1st generation person born in America of Japanese decent), he has provided countless accounts of his childhood experience of having soldiers arrive at his family's home to force his parents to surrender their home. business, and all their worldly possessions that could not fit into a single suitcase that they would be allowed to carry aboard trains at the point of a gun to some unknown concentration camp where they would be forced to live behind barbed wire and machine guns manned by soldiers pointed at them. Sounds like a WWII movie? Sadly this really happened.

The problem with this story is that it did not happen in Nazi-Occupied Europe at the hands of the Hitler's SS. Instead, it happened here in the City of Los Angeles by our own American Soldiers wearing the patch bearing our beloved stars and stripes right here in the good ole' US of A in what could be best described as one of the darkest and shameful chapters of American History since the Trail of Tears that is rarely discussed or even mentioned in most American textbooks. For this reason Takei-sama he speaks directly to Asian-Americans urging them with his reasons why not blow off this 2012 Presidential Election and Get Involved. His emotional plea illustrates what sacrifices and accomplishments Asian-Americans of all cultures matter. It does not matter that you are on a side that we at American Mishima agrees with. What does matters is that you do not blow off this important election. But don't take our endorsement for it. Let the man who gave you Hikuru Sulu tell you why as an Asian-American or an American of any persuasion tell you himself. Please watch kudasai.

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