Thursday, October 25, 2012

Greatest Generation: Frank Tanabe

Earlier this week, American Mishima featured the story of Frank Tanabe, A World War II Veteran of the MIS who cast his final vote in the 2012 Presidential Election. Though not famous, in his final days of life achieved world wide admiration as his photo of him in his hospital bed was circulated around the world making him an internet sensation to which he was "thrilled." Well, sadly the end has come just days after casting that final vote. In the dark days following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Frank Tanabe and his family was forced to relocate to Tule Lake and Minidoka camp in Idaho. It was there that he volunteered for the Military Intelligence Service of the US Army. Mr. Tanabe was quoted in a documentary as saying: "I wanted to do my part to prove that I was not an enemy alien, or that none of us were – that we were true Americans. And if we ever got the chance, we would do our best to serve our country. And we did." Mr. Tanabe died this morning of October 25th 2012 of inoperable liver cancer at the age of 93. We at American Mishima salute Mr. Tanabe for his service and thank the Tanabe Family for sharing their story with the world. Rest in Peace.

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