Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First Isei Elected to US Senate!

Oh what a night! President Obama won re-election and then in his home state of Hawaii the people have elected their first woman senator to represent the Aloha State. はい そ です! Sure, other people of Japanese descent such as Senior Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye (Seen pictured with Hirono) have been elected to office before but Mazie Hirono will be the first foreign born and Asian-American elected to the Senate. Originally from Fukushima Japan, the 65 year old naturalized citizen Congresswoman Mazie Hirono becomes the first Isei to be elected to the US Senate representing Hawaii. It should be further noted that she is also the first Buddhist to be elected to the Senate. With all the evangelical insanity we've seen, it's good to know we have a sane Buddhist on board.  So to Senator Hirono, we at American Mishima would like to congratulate you by saying おめでとうございます + がんばってください!

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