Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saying Goodbye to the U.S.S. Enterprise

As America's oldest active duty nuclear powered aircraft carrier CVN-65 U.S.S Enterprise sails home from her final patrol, we at American Mishima wanted to share our reflections on this proud ship and symbol of America's Naval Might. The Big E as she is known has not been the first warship to bear the name Enterprise nor will she be the last. But all things come to an end. Sadly, we couldn't disagree more with the manner in which that end has been slated and we will tell you why. There has not been a time in this author's life that we did not know about the U.S.S. Enterprise. As she sails off to her fate awaiting the cutting torches of the scrapyard we feel saddened that this most iconic ship that had protected us for generations could not be saved in a more dignified retirement by converting it from warship to floating museum like that of the Intrepid. It is truly a sad day for fans of the "Big E" and even sadder for those who had proudly served aboard her. Though we never served aboard her or in our military for that matter, much like a death in the family we feel like were losing a friend we have known since childhood. We've built countless models, seen her in countless movies, and have been fortunate to have met many of her proud crew who have shared their experiences in this lifetime. From Vietnam to the Wars in Iraq, she had be served by generations. It is with heartfelt sentiment that we at American Mishima offer a final Sayonara and salute to this great warship who throughout our lifetime kept us safe though the dark days of the cold war and in times of peace. Though she will never sail again nor her iconic "Island" be saved, she will forever be etched into the memories of those who knew her. As one fictional Captain of another Enterprise once said: "Let history never forget the name... Enterprise."

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