Friday, August 28, 2015

Japan Launches 2nd Izumo Class Carrier

This week Japan's Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) launched it's second Izumo Class Helicopter Carrier KAGA DDH-184. It is the first ship top carry the name Kaga since the original IJN aircraft carrier Kaga that was lost at the Battle of Midway Island. Like her older sister the Izumo, the Kaga's primary mission will be anti-submarine warfare and humanitarian aid /disaster relief. Critics will say this will carry F-35 strike fighters but this is all rumor with little technical evidence to back that up. Neither Izumo Class "Helicopter Destroyer" carriers have steam catapults for launching fixed wing aircraft. Vertical Takeoff & Landing while possible is not practical in combat conditions. With it's current configuration, this can not be considered a first strike offensive weapons platform so those demonstrating against PM Shinzo Abe's military buildup can relax. But with Red China propping up man made islands in the South China Sea conveniently making international waters off limit military zones of the PRC, Japan has to meet this challenge and we at American Mishima will support it. So to the Captain & crew of the Kaga: がんばって ください!

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