Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Here's the latest Video presentation of the JMSDF's newest Izumo Class Helicopter Carrier KAGA. Isn't she a beauty? While alarmists protest PM Shinzo Abe's slow military buildup throughout Japan and further object to talks of scrapping Article 9, it is ships such as the Izumo Class carriers that must meet the growing challenge presented by the Chinese Navy's latest Island building ventures and aggressive moves in international waters. It is in Japan's best interests to focus on the threat at hand and not dwell on the catastrophic mistakes of the past. We at American Mishima do not see this as a return to ultra right wing militarism as the pacifists will claim but rather an awakening to Japan's role in global security it can no longer afford to avoid because of its wartime past. What you thought the US Navy could do it all by itself? With our 273 ship Navy stretched around the world, we need Japan to step up its game and join the 21st Century. Billions of Yen alone will not counter Chinese aggression or threats from rogue nations such as North Korea who also threatens Japanese interests on the high seas. While many Japanese citizens accuse the Abe Government of being some kind of new Hitler, Nothing could be further from the truth. There is no ethnic cleansing or plans for invading it's neighbors. This is not the Japan of WWII. After the defeat in 1945 the issue was Feudalism that held the people from progressive thinking. Today it is defeatism by pacifists who believe that any involvement by Japan will end in defeat, Some have asked if PM Abe has heard the protests of mothers who are against war. Protecting Japan's future does not guarantee war. This is about protecting the peace and we believe Japan is a step closer to being up to the task. We applaud PM Abe's efforts to equip the JMSDF and further applaud the men and women who as members of the JMSDF represent some of the best forces for peace in the region.

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