Thursday, November 5, 2015

Introducing Japan's Newest Submarine: KOKURYU

This last October 31st 2015, Japan launched it's newest Sōryū-class Attack submarine the Kokuryo (Black Dragon) SS-506 in what has been described as a festive ceremony in Kobe reminiscent of the recent launch of the Izumo helicopter carrier launch of the KAGA. Sticking with the Dragon naming convention, the Kokuryu is the 6th Sōryū (Blue Dragon)-class submarine built of the nine planned diesel powered vessels by Kawasaki Heavy Industries. After extensive sea trials, the 84 meter attack submarine is expected to enter service later in 2016. The Sōryū Class is the largest Submarines built by Japan since the end of WWII. We at American Mishima wish the future Captain & Crew of the Kokuryu many safe voyages ahead!
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