Friday, November 6, 2015

The Dangerous Game: PRC Sub Stalks US Carrier

The Chinese Navy has been making bold aggressive moves in the South China Seas as of late and this week's stalking of a U.S. Navy Carrier the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan was no exception. Sources around the internet say the Russian built Kilo Class submarine tracked the Reagan for half a day off the Southern Coast of Japan. While some may argue that the PRC is out to prove they are not afraid of our Navy, we're sure that if you are a 19 year old sailor aboard that sub and you hear there are Anti-submarine choppers shadowing your every move from up above, whatever confidence the skipper may have instilled would have likely went up the blow hole. Just as the Chinese Navy wanted our Navy to know they were there, we're confident our response was made loud & clear the minute our sub hunting radar let them know where we stood on the matter. 
While we don't like these rising tensions, it's up to the PRC to decide where they want to go with these moves. 50 years of playing cat & mouse with the Soviet Navy brought only years of tense encounters and an unknown number of widows for a war fought with no battles and only bodies at the bottom of the sea. China is new at this and this is dangerous business. Nobody wants a war and we sure hope it doesn't come to that. That being said, our Navy is there to keep the peace and international shipping lanes open no matter who builds what island where in international waters. We hope cooler heads in Beijing prevail.

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