Friday, January 6, 2017

Enter The Hawkeyes

While the world was watching the bizarre rants of our new President-Elect, the U.S. Navy deployed E-2D Advanced Hawkeye early warning aircraft to Japan. The purpose of being to track stealth aircraft over the South China Seas. These planes who had been previously attached to the USS Theodore Roosevelt fighting ISIL in Syria will now bolster security in what has become an ever growing tense situation with the militarization of man-made islands which the PRC claims as their sovereign territory based on some 500 year old map. It is reported that these E-2D's are equipped with the latest A/N-APY radar system that can track objects with a small cross section which is the hallmark of stealth technology. There's a report which CNN reposted from the US Naval Institute News that these planes could be the secret weapon against both cruise missiles such as the so-called "Carrier-Killer" and both variants of the PRC's Stealth Fighters in production.
With the PRC bringing it's new 5th Generation J-20 Stealth fighters coming on line over the next two years, the advanced eyes in the skies will do their part to keep the peace. Of course there are no guarantees. In the old days this was called the Balance of Terror to match assets with ones potential adversaries like chess pieces on the board. This being no game, the aggressive moves on the part of the PRC and the unstable rantings of our new leader will make for a combustible mix that will fall on the hands of our military leaders to have the cooler heads and no Twitter Fingers. Let's just hope the addition of the E-2d's Hawkeyes will give the region an added ounce of stability for an unstable world.

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