Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sayonara Sweet Caroline

United States Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy stepped down from her position this Wednesday. She had done so ahead of the incoming President's demand that all Obama appointees vacate their offices by January 20th without having a replacement leaving many American Citizens abroad in the lurch. Despite this rude unprecedented undignified demand on the part of Donald Trump without any real transitional period, Ambassador Caroline Kennedy leaves her office with the dignity and grace that represents the best of us. She has been a true friend to Japan of whom welcomed her with adoration. Her legacy will be remembered for having brought about the historic visit by President Obama to Hiroshima (of which PM Shinzo Abe reciprocated by visiting Pearl Harbor of which she also attended), her strong advocacy for women's & LBGT rights, and her strong support for those affected by the Tohoku Disaster. She had made many friends in Japan and had the honor to meet the widow of the IJN Destroyer Captain who collided with her father John F. Kennedy's PT-109 boat during WWII. As she expressed her gratitude to the People of Japan, she also proclaimed that she will see Japan again. We at American Mishima are very proud of Caroline Kennedy and offer her a big thank you - ども ありがとう ございまして! JFK smiles from heaven. 

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