Monday, February 8, 2010

侍映画 - Ginjiro Hatamoto

During yesterday's Hoshi Matsuri, another story came to me. I haven't written a screen play since I started writing the first act of Dorama Haiku until now. It's enough for a short thirteen minute film and I believe we could film it here with many of the Interior scenes shot on a sound stage. Here's a breif synopsis in case anyone wants to help me produce this screenplay.

Ginjiro Hatamoto is the tale of a foreign mercenary who comes to the service of the 15th Tokugawa Shogun. He is mostly accepted by his Clan's Retainers but one. Nobutomo stands opposed to Ginjiro's title as an affront to Samurai Tradition. He is the Clan's best swordsmen and the brother of Ginijo's new wife the Lady Kusaga. Division erupts within the Clan as the country becomes embroiled in the heat of the Boshin War. Ginjiro is sworn to serve his Lord who favors the Shogunate while Nobutomo now an Officer in the Imperialist Forces hunts the Loyalist Forces in their long retreat North. Honor knows no birthright.

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