Wednesday, February 17, 2010

あらし なか に いきます - Inside the Storm

There is a storm that rages within.
It is a stirring in the soul.
It is felt by all men who hear its call.
It is a timeless call to arms.
It is a summoning to the warrior within.
Rise and seek the power one can only feel.
It is a power drawn from the forging of mind and steel.
It is the drawing of the sword and that of the mind.
It is intellect put forth into action that draws us ever closer.
Closer and yet still, to an inner calm.
It is the eye of the storm.

Listen, and hear it well.
The serenity of the sword cutting though the wind.
It is of no body or mind.
It is of no consequence and yet driven by action.
It is thought put into deed and set to its course.
The blade dispatches the air and cuts through the senses.
No delusions, No feelings.
Only clarity of purpose resides here.
A purpose of sought perfection.
A single act in a moment of time.

It is a procession as one enters the training hall.
Be it the acclimation to armor to the donning of a mask.
A stated intention wrapped atop one's brow.
And yet calm as we seek the emptiness in seiza.
It returns us to an earlier time.
A time where honor was worth its weight in gold.
And yet there you are with your hands swept forward.
A Kamae readied stance following a respectful bow.
The outside world can no longer exist.
For the motion begins and takes forth.

Thoughts convert into focus.
Like Musashi in the Book of Void.
The Budo spirit merges with storm and seeks the calm.
Mind does not matter.
There lies the speed of ones breath.
It governs the grip made true.
Focus and summon the courage to fight as one struggles to train.
There is a power which is drawn here.
The swift of a staff, the throw made forth.
Mind and body fears no more.

Be it Sempai or the enemy at hand.
Fear must be conquered by courage.
It is not the sole domain of the strong.
It can preside in all who have heart.
And with heart one continues on.
Exhaustion or moments of doubt are the only enemies here.
Train to fight and fight with heart.
It is heart that forms ones convictions.
It is one's conviction that calms the storm.

It matters not that one does not conquers all.
What matters is that one returns to live and train.
To train and fight on that is courage over self doubt and defeat.
It is to be one with that Budo spirit that brings us back.
There is no abyss that can make us forget Who we are within.
The sword has become an extension of the self.
It is beyond ego and archaic symbolism.
It is an understanding that is clear before all who hear its call.
To train is to fight to forge the soul, body and mind.
To become perfectly clear distinguishing all right from wrong.

It is here that I am Samurai.

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  1. WOW! This is an amazing poem! Are you sure you are not Nihon-jin? ::smiles::